All about Heart scans

Many people around the world are currently suffering from high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Both of these things occur because of a combination of genetics and poor diet choices. So, in order to promote an overall sense of wellbeing, it is very important to note that a patient at risk for heart disease is checked via a preventative scan.

One of the preventative scans that is available is the EBT scan. This scan, which stands for Electron Beam Tomography, places an emphasis not just on checking the major arteries for evidence of heart disease, but also areas such as the lungs for the presence of possible tumors.Feel free to find more information at types of heart scan.

The EBT scan, unlike other kinds of scans, uses only a small amount of radiation while the electron beam is traversing the body. The electron beam then transmits the findings to a nearby computer, which gets them as three dimensional pictures.

The EBT scan itself is a very straightforward one. The patient will arrive to the outpatient facility wearing comfortable clothing, and being sure that they do not have any metal on their person. Next, the patient will be asked to lie down on an examination table, and the EBT scan will begin.

The scan itself will only take a couple of minutes to complete, after which time the patient might be detained for a moment or two. The main reason for this is so that the images can be checked for clarity. After such time, the patient is usually able to return to his or her regular activities.